Friday, June 13, 2008

Lĭt / uh / ruh / sē Äw / fĭs

Father's Day and Literacy

Fathers Reading Every Day (FRED) is a program designed to encourage fathers, grandfathers, and other positive male role models to read to their children on a daily basis. The program aims to increase father involvement in children's literacy development and to improve the quality of father-child relationships. Developed by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, an educational agency affiliated with the Texas A&M System.

Literacy Starts with the Family . . . And that Means Dads Too
by Willa C. Siegel, Barry Gary, and Jacqueline David
The impact of the connection between family literacy and fathers is powerful. Whether dads read bedtime stories, talk about the sports page, make a grocery list, write a child’s name, or explain the directions for a toy, they are presenting opportunities for their children to develop language and literacy skills. They are raising future writers and readers—and future writers and readers are future leaders (Darling 2004) . . . an excerpt from Head Start Bulletin

The Role of Fathers in Their Child's Literacy Development - Reading Rockets, 2008

Did you know that reading with your preschool child can lead to better school performance later on? Studies show that when fathers participate in learning, children receive higher marks, enjoy school more, and are less likely to repeat a grade. Reading time creates a bond between you and your child that will stay with you both forever.

What if I don't like reading ?
~ Tell stories about when you were young
~ Recite nursery rhymes or jingles
~ Read environmental print: road signs or brand names on food containers
~ Ask your child about his day:
~ ~ conversation with adults helps children learn new words
~ Check out books of photography or art and talk about the pictures
~ When you are doing household projects, describe what you are doing
~ Involve your child in everyday writing tasks like shopping lists or paying bills
~ Create games that use letters, words, or problem solving
~ Use the language you are most comfortable speaking!
~ ~ Reading skills transfer between languages
~ ~and you will be better at playing with words in your native tongue

Sites of Interest . . . . . . . . or check out a Book !
@ the Burbank Public Library

Parenting Tips for Dads
Because Dads Don't Always Think
Like Moms
~ read aloud tips and books

10000 Fathers Reading
~ National Library Board of Singapore

Every Friday by Dan Yaccarino
– Henry Holt, 2007

Daddy's Song by Leslea Newman
– Henry Holt, 2007

Perfect Day by Remy Charlip
– HarperCollins, 2007

When Daddy's Truck Picks Me Up by Jana Novotny Hunter
– Albert Whitman, 2006

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