Monday, June 09, 2008

What We're Listening To - "Hollywood Station" by Joseph Wambaugh.

I am back from another trip to Arizona with another spoken word CD recommendation. This trip provided me the opportunity to listen to Hollywood Station by Joseph Wambaugh.

Over the years I have read some of Wambaugh's true crime nonfiction, which is some of the best that you can read, but I had never read any of his fiction. Hollywood Station was a perfect choice for a car trip with Wambaugh's colorful portrait of life as a cop in the Hollywood Division. Surfer cops, Movie star wannabee cops, wise, gruff old cops to tweakers, Russsian mafia members and street people [stay away from "Untouchable Al"]. A jewelry theft with a hand grenade, a robbery gone wrong, to car chases and the effects of the "consent decree" and many other vignettes that make up a cops life in the not so glamorous streets of Hollywood. Wambaugh has a way of making you laugh at the craziness and then suddenly spinning you into horror, shock and revulsion but most of all caring about his cops and bad guys. Major kudos are due to reader Adam Grupper who had to have had an actor's field day with the wide range of accents and dialects that he employs in bringing the many, many characters in this story to life.

Like, dude, I totally loved Flotsum and Jetsum the surfer cops...

Hollywood Station is a real winner to listen to.

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