Friday, June 27, 2008

What We're Reading - Home

I became a fan of Ms. Andrews when I saw her in the movie Victor/Victoria. She played a woman impersonating a man, and it was hilarious. It was at this point that I realized her versatility as an actress and singer. Here was a woman who could act as Eliza Doolittle on Broadway and then become the famous nanny in Mary Poppins. To the younger set, Ms. Andrews is known as Queen Clarice in the movies Princess Diaries 1 and 2. And, I haven't even begun to talk about her success as a children's author and advocate of libraries! So, when I read about her forthcoming book, I eagerly waited for it to appear on the library's shelves. Then quickly checked it out.

In the memoir, Home, Ms. Andrews takes us on a journey through her childhood and early twenties; up to the birth of her daughter, Emma. We learn about her mother's many relationships, her father and stepfather, the discovery of her singing voice, and her years on the London and Broadway stages. She had met the Queen Mother on the London stage by the time she was 10 years old! We discover that Ms. Andrews supported most of her family before she was 20 years old. And, we come to understand how she developed into the talented, responsible, persevering singer and actress we know today. The chapters dedicated to Ms. Andrews' life on Broadway convey the hard work and long, long hours that are necessary to make a play successful. She landed the role of Eliza Doolittle at the age of 21. Her remarks about Rex Harrison, Richard Burton, Moss Hart, and Lerner and Lowe are priceless!

This is a well-written memoir that's easy to read. Ms. Andrews' voice and thoughts come through loud and clear. It's the perfect book for a summer day!

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Louise said...

If you have the opportunity, do listen to this on audio. It's read by Julie Andrews herself and includes little snippets of song. It's as if you and she are having an intimate conversation at HOME.