Thursday, July 17, 2008

New This Week in AskWiki

This past week we’ve added a WWII archive site with photographs and scans of documents such as casualty lists, submarine reports and code books. There’s plenty more of very good quality.
I found and added an Enigma code site where you can type in a phrase and watch the encryption process. As you probably know, Enigma machines were used extensively by the Germans in WWII. It is generally thought the European war was significantly shortened when Allied cryptologists cracked the code.
After discovering a cache of postage stamps all with nice designs but no clue as to their postal value, I added Alphabetilately which has clear photos and reveals the denominations of all stamps. No longer will I mistakenly and ignorantly, spend $4.58 to send a simple first class letter.
We added an informative site about 529 college savings plans.
And finally, in Art, I added a link to SFMoma’s Frida Kahlo exhibit which has wonderful images and biographical information.

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We added an informative site about 529 college savings plans