Thursday, August 07, 2008

Summer Olympics on TV

NBC Universal will present the most Olympic coverage in history with over 3,600 hours on NBC, USA, MSNBC, CNBC, Oxygen, Telemundo, Universal HD and

Coverage by Channel:

Weekends: 9 am-5 pm; 7-11 pm; 11:30 pm- 1 am
Mon-Fri: 10 am-1 pm; 7 pm-about midnight; 12:05 am-1:30 am

~ All gold 32 swimming gold medal finals, four key nights of men's and women's gymnastics, beach volleyball, men's and women's marathons, basketball, water polo, diving, cycling, track and field, rowing and whitewater canoeing.

USA Network: Midnight-10 am
~ USA men's and women's basketball and soccer, tennis, volleyball, water polo.

MSNBC: 3 am-3 pm

~ Softball, soccer, (including opening soccer matches), beach volleyball, wrestling, basketball, volleyball and weightlifting.

CNBC: 10 pm-2:30 am; 3 pm-6 pm

~ Boxing, long-form coverage of softball, tennis, weightlifting, wrestling and badminton.

Oxygen: 7 pm-9 pm
~ Gymnastics, equestrian and tennis.

Telemundo: 1 am-5 am; 6:30 am-9 am; 11 pm-midnight
~ Spanish-language coverage of soccer, basketball, gymnastics, diving, volleyball, track and field, swimming and baseball.

Universal HD: 24 hours
~ 24-hour high-definition simulcasts of Olympic events as well as repeats of CNBC
and MSNBC coverage.

Video On Demand
~ Access recaps from Athens, previews of Beijing, Team USA profiles, daily highlights, and feature stories anytime through video on demand services by cable and satellite providers.
Comcast's Video on Demand will offer 60 pre-games shows including "Athens in Review," "Classic Moments," "Beijing 411," "Meet the Athletes" as well as next day highlights.

Interactive TV
News, medal counts, TV listings, Team USA profiles and more from also will be available through interactive TV applications available through some cable and satellite providers.

Full TV schedules (all subject to change) available @
~ USA Today: can jump to specific day
~ On the Baseline: by Channel
~ Seattle Times: by time and events

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