Thursday, September 11, 2008

What We're Reading - The Highly Effective Detective Goes to the Dogs.

Well, how was I to pass up a book with a title like The Highly Effective Detective Goes to the Dogs? Brought to my attention, this started out as a Is this a book your Aunt would like to read?, turned into a I-need-a-book-to-read-on-the-airplane and besides I was intrigued by the title. What makes a detective "highly effective"? After reading Richard Yancey's second book featuring Investigative Consultant Teddy Ruzak [he has yet to pass the Private Investigator's exam and the state of Tennessee has shut down his office], I may not be able to say what makes a detective highly effective but I can say this is a drolly amusing read with Teddy trying to sort out a variety of issues in his life, his career crisis and plenty of women...two of 'em potential love interests, Amanda a philosophy student who works at the Humane Society and Felicia, she of the "pleasant knees", a mysterious boyfriend Bob and currently his now out of work secretary. The third woman, Eunice, is equal parts elderly stalker and Teddy's biographer. Toss in Archie a rescued Beagle with a soulful stare, a dead homeless man who has Teddy's hat, and the tetragrammaton on his forehead and the search for "Jumper" who maybe a suspect or a witness and sit back relax and enjoy Teddy's actions [or at times inactions] as he tries to sort it all out and make sense of the case and his life.

In the end, I guess what makes a detective effective is solving the case, otherwise Teddy Ruzak might be better called the highly defective detective. Either way, the City of Knoxville, Tennessee will never be the same...most fortunately for all of us! Read and enjoy.

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