Thursday, October 02, 2008

Teen Review: All We Know of Heaven

Jacquelyn Mitchard, best-selling author of Oprah’s first book club selection, The Deep End of the Ocean, has branched out into teen lit once again. (Her first Young Adult title was last year’s Now You See Her, also published by HarperTeen.)
All We Know of Heaven trades on Mitchard’s characteristic exploration of family dynamics tested by catastrophic circumstances. Two sophomore girls, friends since childhood, are driving home from cheerleading practice when a swerve on an icy road brings them into the path of a trucker helpless to stop. Bridget and Maureen are rushed to the emergency room, but after heroic efforts, the passenger dies and the driver lies battered and unrecognizable in a coma. Family and friends mourn the loss of one girl and hold vigil at the other’s bedside, but then the doctors discover they have made a terrible mistake: The girl who lived is the one everyone thought had died. An absorbing exploration of the response of ordinary people to tragic circumstances.

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