Thursday, October 02, 2008

What We're Reading - Sheep Blast Off!

Parents needing something new to read to their preschoolers will be happy to learn that Nancy Shaw has written a new picture book in her and illustrator Margot Apple's charming "Sheep" series.

Sheep Blast Off! is the 7th book to feature the sheep and tells the tale of their close encounter [and misadventures] with a space ship. As usual the sheep attempt to do something, trouble ensues and miraculously the sheep [with a bit of help by a sheepish green alien] once again avoid disaster and have a happy ending.

Charming simple rhymes and those ever wonderful colored pencil illustrations ensure a good time will be had by parents and toddlers alike.

Don't be sheepish, if you haven't met the sheep please do, you'll never have a baaad time with them!

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