Monday, November 24, 2008

The Fool by Raffi

The Fool by Raffi is a historical novel that takes place in Eastern Turkey during the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-78. 'The Fool' is one of the most widely read Armenian novels of all time. It is an excellent socio-economic and political picture of Ottoman ruled Armenia . Knitting together adventure and analysis, it illuminates the structures of Ottoman oppression and the way the state cultivated Kurdish clans as allies against potential Armenian rebellion. It describes a nation at the edge of destruction that is also in the process of transition, beginning to take up a struggle for survival and independence.
The author breathes life into the main characters by a wonderful imagination and a talent for story-telling so they become effective mediums for the author's message urging national education, political organization and armed self-defense as critical components of national survival and revival.

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