Wednesday, November 05, 2008

What We're Reading: Eat This Not That

Zinczenko has given the world an utterly fascinating little eating guide in Eat This, Not That! With the book open, the left page offers you advice on which meals to choose while the right page tells you what to avoid. Many of your favorite restaurants are covered here, as are popular grocery store brands. Alongside the colorful photographs of savory food are boxes with statistics (calories/fat/carbs) and interesting factoids for you to mull over as you make your selection. Perhaps my only real complaint is the lack of these for certain items. There is no mention of WHY Reduced Fat Wheat Thins belongs in the "Not That" pile...which is of some concern because I usually grab the original full fat recipe. Of a common freezer staple in my house, Stouffer's Lean Cuisine Butternut Squash Ravioli, it simply says that it's "one of the worst choices of all the 'healthy' frozen entree labels." Occasional vagueness aside, this is a fun little "read" with lots of pictures and helpful info.

Parents, there's also a book to help you find the best options for your children: Eat This, Not That! For Kids!

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