Friday, January 23, 2009

What We're Reading: The Daily Coyote

Last year I seemed to read a lot of World War II stories compared to anything else. This year, however, is the year of animals. From pet cat to pet coyote, there really is no shortage of books about our four-legged friends.

The Daily Coyote has two things I adore - breathtaking descriptions of nature and stunning photography. Shreve Stockton was on her way back to New York from San Francisco when she drove through the red wilds of Wyoming. She continued on to her destination but she was haunted by her experience and finally decided to trade the city for the country. When she started to settle in to the town of Ten Sleep, she couldn't have anticipated the gift of a coyote pup that would change her life forever. Living with Charlie was at times blissful, and other times dangerous. If you think you have a hard time establishing yourself as the boss in a pack of terriers, think how much more difficult it would be with their wild cousin. Stockton discusses her relationships with her neighbors, the land, and the animals who shared her home. It's definitely the best book of 2008 IMHO (in my humble opinion), though it was discovered late.

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