Thursday, January 08, 2009

What We're Reading: Devil Bones

Devil Bones is the 11th book in Reichs’ series about forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan (also the protagonist of the “Bones” TV show). In this outing, Brennan is called to a scene in Charlotte, North Carolina, and finds a cauldron, a decapitated chicken, animal bones, and the skull of a teenage girl. Is it the scene of a current crime, or of an older, unknown murder? Then a headless body of a teenage boy is found on a lakeshore. An ambitious preacher turned politician ignites a witch hunt targeting devil worshippers and Wiccans in revenge for the two apparent murders.

Described in the book as “five-five, feisty, and forty-plus” the literary version of Temperance is older, more experienced, and for me, a much more interesting character than her counterpart in the television show. This series is still strong and involving and I’m anxious to read about Temperance’s next case, and the turns her personal life will take in book #12.

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