Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Abraham Lincoln ranked #1 all-time President.

C-SPAN has conducted a survey of 65 presidential historians and issued on Sunday a new ranking on Presidential Leadership. To no one's surprise, Abraham Lincoln was an easy winner of the #1 ranking with James Buchanan earning the dubious spot of the #42 and last place ranking. Both Presidents were first and last in the previous C-SPAN survey done in 2000. I particularly enjoy the detailed nature of the C-SPAN survey in that each President is rated in 10 different leadership categories which leads to a more balanced view of the men who have held the office. Although I must say that I feel that both William Henry Harrison [served 1 month in office] and James Garfield [served 6 months in office] shouldn't be considered in such rankings due to the brevity of their Presidencies.

You can also check Wikipedia for a nice article reviewing various past surveys that rank Presidents. I was impressed when I checked there on Sunday and found that they'd already updated the entry to include the new C-SPAN results.

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