Monday, March 16, 2009

Time to catch-up on what I've been reading.

OK, call this a guilt ridden post. I've had a number of books in past months that I've read and not mentioned here, so now you get mini-recommendations on a whole bunch of books. In no particular order....

Just After Sunset by Stephen King: The horror master returns in fine form with a collection of short stories. "N" finds King at his supernatural best and "A very tight place" shows that he still can gross you out when placing characters in situations that you shudder at the thought...

The Messenger by Jan Burke: Nary a cop or Irene Kelly in sight as Jan Burke ventures into supernatural suspense. Should you join her and venture into reading something a bit different? Absolutely, a good story teller is a good story teller. Venture forth and enjoy!

Elantris by Brandon Sanderson: Having read Sanderson's two Alcatraz Smedry books vs. those Evil Librarians, I thought that I venture into the fantasy genre: Sanderson's usual field and a type of book that I don't normally read. Not a typical fantasy novel, no epic quests or adventures, the battles are few and certainly not epic, no wizards strutting about with staffs and peaked caps. What you have are characters you care about, a world that you become involved in political power plays, religious struggles and a involving story to read. I very much want to read his "Mistborn trilogy" this year. A rising star, read him before he's on the best seller lists.

The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly: For my money, Connelly is the best mystery writer currently working. Period, end of discussion. This time, Mickey Haller [The Lincoln Lawyer] is returning to his law practice when a colleague's death dumps all of his cases into Haller's lap. One of them is just the high profile case [think Robert Blake + Phil Spector + OJ Simpson] to get him reestablished as a lawyer and one of the cases he's inherited likely belongs to the killer. Fans of Connelly won't be disappointed, new readers will be thrilled to have a new author to read.

Creepers by David Morrell: I listened to Morrell's Bram Stoker Award winning novel involving a group of group of urban explorers who venture into abandoned buildings. This time they've chosen The Paragon Hotel which has been long vacated on the shore of Ashbury Park. Spooky with thrills and chills, Creepers will creep you out and as narrated by Patrick G. Lawlor will provide hours of great listening.

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