Monday, June 22, 2009

What We're Reading: Defying the Diva

Defying the Diva, by D. Anne Love is the story of Haley Patterson, the 14 year old teenager who writes for the gossip column of her school's newspaper. Thinking the freedom of press would protect her, she writes about a party given by popular diva Camilla Quinn. This brings down the wrath of Camilla and she starts the campaign to destroy Haley. Ostracized by everyone at school, Haley keeps the pain to herself and looks forward to spending the summer with her aunt and getting a reprieve from the school's bullying.

Feeling tense, anxious, and with low self-esteem, Haley lands a job at the exclusive mountain resort in Copper Springs. With the support of her co-workers, gradually she gains the confidence to confront Camilla. Summer love, friendships, and the topic of this book make it a captivating read.

30 percent of teens in the United States are involved in bullying. Bullies have a strong need to dominate others and usually have little empathy for their targets. The friends of bullies are often followers who do not initiate bullying, but participate in it. The consequences of bullying can be devastating for teenagers. It can increase the social isolation and cause depression. The National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center @ 1-866-723-3968, recommends talking to an adult about the problem, not to blame oneself, act confident, make friends with other students, avoid situations where bullying can happen, and not to resort to violence.*

* The National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center

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