Thursday, June 04, 2009

Lĭt / uh / ruh / sē Äw / fĭs

Beowulf on the Beach Reading Challenge
@ Books on a Nightstand

Feel bad about not reading or not enjoying the so-called great books ? Don’t sweat it, it’s not your fault.

Did anyone tell you that Anna Karenina is a beach read . . .
. . . that Dickens is hilarious,
. . . that the Iliad’s battle scenes rival Hollywood’s for gore
. . . that Joyce is at his best when he’s talking about booze, sex, or organ meats?

Jack Murnighan says it’s time to give literature another look, but this time you’ll enjoy yourself. With a little help, you’ll see just how great the great books are:
. . . how they can make you laugh
. . . moisten your eyes
. . . turn you on, and leave you awestruck and deeply moved

Murnighan's Beowulf on The Beach provides a crib sheet that includes the Buzz, the Best Line, What’s Sexy, and What to Skip.

The reading challenge runs from May 25 - September 7, 2009
. . . Memorial Day to Labor Day

The reading challenge is very flexible, but here are few "rules:"

1. Read at least 1 book from Beowulf on the Beach
2. Write about your challenge, reading experience, and your favorite

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