Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New President = New books on the Presidents.

New from the DK Eyewitness series is Presidents 3rd ed. and from National Geographic comes Our Country's Presidents . Both are excellent updates to past editions and both will well serve interested children through 4th grade [the DK Eyewitness book] and 5th-8th graders [the National Geographic book]. Both books feature short summaries of each President, interesting facts and plenty of pictures, illustrations and special features [plenty of online resources will be found]. I will quibble slightly with the DK book in that they condense some Presidents into a group of two or three sharing a 2 page entry. This results in unequal information available about those Presidents bunched together in comparison to Washington and Lincoln, etc. Better content balance is available in the National Geographic book. However, both books make great browsing for children and parents alike but if you are looking for homework report help, Our Country's Presidents will better serve your needs. As the resident staff Presidents enthusiast, I highly approve of both books.

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