Saturday, June 13, 2009

What We're Reading: The River of Doubt

While I'm clearly stepping on the toes of a fellow library blogger who often regales us with stories of the presidents, I couldn't resist bringing you another book review after learning that Teddy Roosevelt once made a dangerous journey down a river in the rain forest. Candace Millard recounts the trip in her book, The River of Doubt. After an unsuccessful bid for a third term in office, Theodore Roosevelt did what he had always done during times of hardship and depression - he found a physically demanding adventure that would serve to distract him. There was perhaps no other challenge so difficult as that which awaited him and his companions as they made their way down an uncharted tributary of the Amazon known as the Rio da Dúvida. None were truly prepared for what awaited them in the jungle. As they wound their way through the river, they were often faced with nearly impassable rapids and crippling disease. Their invisible neighbors were venomous creatures and an isolated Indian tribe known as the Cinta Larga. Even cold blooded murder was a reality for the expedition, and the possibility of mutiny loomed. This is a perfect book for those who like a little adventure and danger, and a story that propels them along at breakneck speed until the conclusion. The book has many quotes from the men, but they are slipped seamlessly into a very engaging narrative.

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