Thursday, August 06, 2009

What We're Listening To - Classic Detective Stories.

A perfect solution for those of us who like to listen to audiobooks but who have a short commute to work is to listen to a CD set of short stories. Recently, I finished such a collection: Classic Detective Stories. Most of these tales of mystery are by British writers from the early days of the genre, 1920s-1930s, and are perfectly narrated by veteran actor Edward Hardwicke [best know to all in the role of Dr. Watson opposite Jeremy Brett]. Not a big shock that a Sherlock Holmes story, "The Dying Detective," is a treat to listen to! Old school in their storytelling, the plots depend upon clever twists for climactic denouements. I particularly enjoyed the first disc and the two stories featuring J.G. Reeder, a most genteel, civilized investigator whom bad guys would best avoid at all costs. However, you'll greatly enjoy hearing them get their just [or unjust] rewards! Not to spoil the ending, but "Chimes" by Muriel Spark, this collection's concluding tale, does hinge on something that I've wondered about and now know that bad guys have (unsuccessfully, of course) tried to work to their advantage. [If you want to know to what I am referring, you'll just have to listen to the story!]. Great summertime listening, and for those out there who've hesitated to try an audiobook, do try short stories. They are perfect for around-town driving.

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Handshakes said...

Sounds interesting. I've never listened to an audio book before, I'll have to give this a go.