Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What We're Reading - 3 mystery best sellers!

Looking for some perfect summertime reading? Like your reading a bit on the mysterious side of life? Well then, I've recently read not one, not two, but three recent best sellers that will more than satisfy such cravings.

Scarecrow, by Michael Connelly, is a sequel to his 1996 thriller The Poet. It features newspaper reporter Jack McEvoy, who is about to be laid off from the Los Angeles Times. He decides to go out with a bang by writing the story of his life when he discovers a shadowy, smart, and sinister serial killer who has avoided notice by police agencies. His former lover, FBI Agent Rachel Walling, joins up with McEvoy to try to stop the Scarecrow. Everything you'd want and expect from Connelly. A terrific read--and an added bonus is his take on the declining state of newspapers. [Connelly is a former LA Times reporter].

Cemetery Dance, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, is my first encounter with Special FBI Agent Pendergast. [Thanks, Patrice and Matt, for pushing me to read this series!] Pendergast is billed as the most enigmatic agent in the FBI and I shall not argue. The book opens with a fatal stabbing and the suspect is easily identified by surveillance tape, eye witnesses and evidence. Open and shut case, right? One little problem: The suspect was found dead--drowned in a river--two weeks prior. I was hooked when I read that set-up, since I love seemingly impossible plots and to see how the author(s) will escape from them. Twisty, dark, fast-paced, gripping story and I will have to read more by Preston and Child. (Best read this one in daylight.)

Finger Lickin' Fifteen by Janet Evanovich. After the terror and suspense of the first two books, it is time to relax, kick back and laugh with another winning number detailing the usual problems in bounty hunter fare, Stephanie Plum's life. What can one really say about burning cars, horrifying attempts at BBQ by Lula and Grandma Mazur, a dead celebrity chef, romantic intrigue for Stephanie with Joe Morelli vs. Ranger vs. a host of parental blind date set-ups, danger, adventure, Rex the wonder hamster, Mr. Clucky, a neighborhood flasher and plenty of chicken and donuts. Get a napkin, because fifteen is finger lickin' good!

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