Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What We're Reading: Riverbig by Aris Janigian

Riverbig, the sequel to Bloodvine, is published by the Heyday Institute, which specializes in "books that foster an understanding of the history, literature, art, environment, social issues, and culture of California and the West." The story is set in California's Central Valley during the drug wars of the 1960s. It is the tale of Andy Demerjian, who relinquishes his inheritance to the family grape farm to his elder half-brother after their business goes bad. Desperate to support his family, Andy strikes a deal with two entrepreneurs to raise a crop of corn and arranges another venture to farm tomatoes on land rented from a widower with a disturbed daughter. As he struggles with the unpredictability of nature and with the corruption that has permeated even the Fresno Police Department, he finds his redemption in being a good family man and friend and relying on truthfulness.

Novelist and journalist Aris Janigian discussed his latest novel on June 1st at Glendale Public Library, and on July 9th he has a program at Los Angeles Public Library.

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