Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Are You A Horse?

Having been a Children's Librarian in my past, I still love a good picture book every now and then...and now is the time to highly recommend Are You A Horse? by Andy Rash who answers the eternal question of...

What happens when you give a Cowboy a saddle for his birthday and he doesn't know what to do with it?

Fortunately, Cowboy Roy's gift has instructions...
  1. Find a horse.

  2. Enjoy the ride!
Come and enjoy Cowboy Roy's search for what a horse is and learn what's a horseless, clueless Cowboy to do.

Author/Illustrator Andy Rash has created a very amusing tale of discovery told with tongue in cheek and featuring warm gold and brown hued illustrations that match Roy's enjoyably silly search for a horse...and wait until you get to the end!

Parents and Grandparents should seek Are You A Horse? out as it will be a perfect read-along with your preschooler of choice...or if you just happen love a good picture book get it and take a look and remember to enjoy the ride!

My thanks to my friend Matt for the recommendation...his daughter has great taste in books!

Visit Andy Rash's website.

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