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Lĭt / uh / ruh / sē Äw / fĭs

September: Adult Literacy Awareness Month

Proclamation 5519
By the President of the United States of America

August 27, 1986

The incidence of illiteracy and functional illiteracy among the Nation's adult population negatively affects our economy, our social institutions, and our security. It also limits the opportunities open to those who lack basic reading and writing skills. Estimates of the number of illiterate or functionally illiterate Americans range from twenty-three million to over fifty million.

Adult illiteracy has not received the attention it deserves. As Americans come to understand the problem better they will come to grips with it. Illiteracy is not limited to any region of the Nation, nor to any social or ethnic group. We must take this problem seriously and provide the means and the motivation to help those with literacy deficiencies to master the ability to read and write.

Literacy in Burbank and around California:

Burbank Public Library Literacy Office

Workshop for parents on Sep 12: "Literacy Building Blocks"
. . . for more information: 818 . 238 . 5577

California Library Literacy Services (CLLS)
1-888-SOS-READ (1-888-767-7323)

. . . a program of the California State Library. The mission of CLLS is to enable Californians of all ages to reach their literacy goals and use library services effectively. California has approximately 3.4 million adults with below basic literacy skills. Over 100 CLLS libraries serve nearly 20,000 adults annually in over 800 library branches and other outlets statewide. As a result, these adults are voting for the first time, reading newspapers, reading aloud to their children, and securing jobs.

Bay Area Literacy (BALit)
Pat Lawson-North, Santa Clara County Library - (408) 262-1349
Central Valley Library Literacy Network (CVLLN)

Karen Williams, Stanislaus County Free Library - (209) 522-0656
Central San Joaquin Valley Literacy Coalition

Pat Habeck, Tulare County Public Library - (559) 713-2745
Inland Library System Literacy Services Committee (ILS)

Lucy Sims, Beaumont Library District - (951) 845-1357
North Central Coast Library Literacy Network (NCCLLN)

Leslie Payne, Monterey County Free Library - (931) 883-7568
Northern California Literacy Coalition (NCLC)
Paula Westeren Placer County Library - (530) 886-4530
South Central Coast Literacy Providers (SCCLP)

Beverly Schwartzberg, Santa Barbara Public Library - (805) 564-5619
Southern California Library Literacy Network (SCLLN)
Bill Byrne, Burbank Public Library - (818) 238-5577

California Library Association
The CLA Literacy Interest Group exists to support the work of California library adult literacy program services. This group works to ensure that libraries provide adult and family literacy programming as part of their ongoing services and mission; and endeavors to heighten the visibility of adult and family literacy services in libraries and the communities in which they are offered.

It is estimated that 10.5 million of the 93 million Americans who are functioning at the basic and below basic literacy levels live in California. They are the target of library based adult literacy programs. Statewide these programs serve approximately 20,000 adult learners each year.
Summary of the 2003 National Adult Literacy Survey (pdf)

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