Thursday, September 10, 2009

What We're Reading - Nonfiction book blitz!

OK, I've not been doing a timely job at posting books reviews of late so here are two short impressions about recent nonfiction books that I've read over the last few months.
Brown University student Kevin Roose, rather than taking a semester to study abroad in a foreign country, decides to enroll for a semester in an environment nearly as foreign to him--fundamentalist Baptist Liberty University in Virginia. A fascinating journey: The author finds his new campus and classmates not as black and white as he thought they would be, and he even scores the last print interview that school founder Jerry Falwell gave before his death. A story so well told that you forget how young the author is. Walk a mile in his shoes...
The art of making money : the story of a master counterfeiter by Jason Kersten.
Take one of the newer style $20 bills out of your wallet. Closely examine it, look at the various colors of ink used, the numbered security stripping, the watermarks, the 20 in the lower righthand corner that changes color. Now imagine you have figured out the necessary steps involved to print high quality counterfeit money that can fool even the Secret Service and the FBI. Take a walk on the wild side and read about Art Williams--how he did it, and his rise and fall. Fascinating.

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