Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to be a better pet parent

The Burbank Public Library hosted an evening devoted to pets and their "parents" on October 15. Several speakers discussed the various aspects of selecting the right pet and good pet parenting. Denise Fleck, an expert in Pet First-Aid introduced the program and gave a demonstration of pet CPR. Volunteers from the Burbank Animal Shelter discussed choosing the right pet, what types of pets to avoid, shelter success stories, and the shelter's kitten fostering program.

Obedience trainer Cyndy Wood had a lot of good tips for dog training, some important dos and don'ts when dealing with animal behavior problems, and ways to solve canine behavior issues. If you'd like more information on obedience training, visit her website at http://www.sitstaygooddawg.com/.

Veterinarian Liz Koskenmaki (Dr. Liz) stressed the importance of proper nutrition, exercise, and regular veterinary care for your pets. She currently practices at the Media City Animal Hospital in Burbank. Learn more about Dr. Liz at her website, http://www.docliz.com/.

The program participants left with a great deal of valuable information. One told Denise Fleck, "this talk should be mandatory for anyone adopting a pet. I learned so much I wish I knew before I became a dog mom!" Visit Denise's website at http://www.sunnydogink.com/ for more information about pet first aid.

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Natalie DeJohn said...

So cool! Wish I could have made it to this. I can use all the pet parenting tips I can get. :-)