Monday, October 05, 2009

What We're Reading - Jasper Dash and the Flame-Pits of Delaware.

It is a land of WONDERS!

It is a land of MYSTERY.

It is a land that TIME FORGOT (or chose specifically not to remember).

Cut off from the civilized world for untold years, this land is called DELAWARE.

I've previously sung the praises for the very tongue-in-cheek children's adventure/mysteries by M.T. Anderson and after reading his third book in his "Pals in Peril" series, "Jasper Dash and the flame pits of Delaware", I'll sing my praises again. This guy is flat out fun to read. Silly, over-the-top action, plenty of terrible wordplay all mixed up with a genuine affection for children's series books from the past make Anderson a winning read.

This time around Jasper Dash, boy Technonaut and his two able sidekicks, Lilly Gefelty and Katie Mulligan have to venture to that most dangerous land...Delaware where they must try and save the lost monastery of Vbngoom and battle dinosaurs, forest squids, gangsters and the flame pits of Delaware. Fun and aimed at 5th grade and above readers and don't forget to check out my review of Whales on Stilts and The Clue in the Linoleum Lederhosen.


Richard James said...

Delaware Governor Markell's Response to the new Jasper Dash book is pretty funny too. It was a great book- my 9 year old daughter read it in one sitting and loved it!

Duedsml said...

While reading the book, I did wonder about how Delaware would "officially" react to the slightly exaggerated discription of the State. Now I know. I am glad to see that the Governor crafted the approprite response to the author. Thanks for sharing the letter, it was a hoot to read!