Friday, October 02, 2009

What We’re Reading: A View From The Bridge

In 1982, Nicholas Meyer was tapped by Harve Bennett and Paramount Studios to write the script for the second Star Trek film (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) in twelve days. Meyers not only accomplished this task, but went on to direct the film, which is widely viewed as the best of the Star Trek feature films and is credited with saving the franchise for the studio.

Meyer is best known for his work on Star Trek II, IV & VI, and the bulk of this book recounts the years he was involved in working on these films. However, he has had a wide and varied career as an author (The Seven Percent Solution), Screenwriter (Elegy, Sommersby, The Human Stain) and Director (Time After Time, Volunteers, The Day After) and his work on these other projects, as well as ones that never made it to the screen, is described as well. This memoir takes readers through his nearly life-long love of film, including his recounting of a five year project to film his own version of Around the World in Eighty Days started when he was twelve years old, and how he was able to create a career in Hollywood that has lasted more than three decades.

Honest and candid, without dishing dirt, A View From the Bridge is Meyer’s personal accounts of his experiences, triumphs and regrets from both his personal and professional life. He also shares his insights and views regarding the motion picture industry and the tenuous balance that must be maintained between film as an art and film as a business. While A View From the Bridge is a must read for Star Trek fans, it is also a fascinating look at Hollywood for anyone interested in the film industry.

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