Thursday, December 03, 2009

Aunt Agatha's Holiday Homicide

Snuggle up with a cup of cocoa and a merry little murder (click here for more details):

M Andrews, Donna – Six Geese A-Slaying [All]

M Atherton, Nancy -- Aunt Dimity's Christmas [All]

M Beaton, M.C. -- A Highland Christmas [C/NW]

M Beaton, M.C. -- Kissing Christmas Goodbye [All]

M Blanc, Nero -- A Crossworder's Gift [C/BV]

M Blanc, Nero -- A Crossworder's Holiday [C]

M Brett, Simon -- The Christmas Crimes at Puzzel Manor [C/BV]

M Brown, Rita May – Santa Clawed [C/BV]

M Candy Cane Murder [C/BV]

M Christmas Stalkings: More Tales of Yuletide Murder [C/BV]

M Clark, Mary Higgins – Dashing Through the Snow [All]

M Clark, Mary Higgins -- Santa Cruise: a Holiday Mystery at Sea [All]

M A Classic Christmas Crime [C]

M Colt, Jennifer -- The Con Artist of Catalina Island [C]

M Coyle, Cleo -- Holiday Grind

M Crawford, Isis -- A Catered Christmas: a Mystery with Recipes [C]

M D'Amato, Barbara -- Hard Christmas [C/BV]

M Davidson, Diane Mott -- Sweet Revenge [All]

M Dunn, Carola -- Mistletoe and Murder [All]

M Fluke, Joanne -- Sugar Cookie Murder [All]

M Graham, Heather -- The Last Noel [All]

M Harper, Karen -- The Queene's Christmas [C/BV]

M Harris, Charlaine -- Shakespeare's Christmas [All]

M Hart, Carolyn -- Sugarplum Dead [All]

M Hart, Carolyn -- Merry Merry Ghost [All]

M Hess, Joan -- O Little Town of Maggody [All]

M Kelner, Toni L.P. -- Mad as the Dickens [C/BV]

M A Kudzu Christmas: Twelve Mysterious Tales [BV]

M Meier, Leslie -- Christmas Cookie Murder [All]

M More Holmes for the Holidays [C]

M Morrell, David -- Spy who Came to Christmas [All]

M Murder for Christmas [C/BV]

M Murphy, Shirley, Rousseau -- Cat Deck the Halls [C/BV]

M Page, Katherine Hall -- Body in the Sleigh [All]

M Palmer, William J. -- The Dons and Mr. Dickens: The Strange Case of the Oxford Christmas Plot [C/BV]

M Perry, Anne -- A Christmas Beginning [All]

M Ripley, Ann -- The Christmas Garden Affair [All]

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