Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Hey Ma, look what I found" or serendipity on the book shelves!

I recently had occasion to search for some books on a list of problems and noticed that some of the found books were quite intriguing and deserved to be brought to your attention for reading consideration. So with no further delay, here is what I found, hope you enjoy them!

The invention of Clouds by Richard Hamblyn "tells the extraordinary story of an amateur meteorologist, Luke Howard, and his groundbreaking work to define what had hitherto been random and unknowable structures-clouds. In December 1802, Luke Howard delivered a lecture that was to be a defining point in natural history and meteorology. He named the clouds, classifying them in terms that remain familiar to this day: cirrus, stratus, cumulus, and nimbus." This truly can qualify as a "small treasure" on our shelves...the book is only 5.5" high!

A Sense of the World : How a blind man becam history's greatest traveler by Jason Roberts With a title like that, how can one not be intrigued to read about the life of James Holman who was "known as the Blind Traveler-a solitary, sightless adventurer who, astonishingly, fought the slave trade in Africa, survived a frozen captivity in Siberia, hunter rogue elephants in Ceylon, and helped chart the Austrailian outback". Whew, wonder what he did in his spare time?

The Dangerous World of Spies and Spying by Robert Liston This book, while 40+ years old would hold great appeal to readers fond of mystery or espionage fiction or true crime readers. It does lack illustrations or photographs but has morse code to decipher at the beginning of each chapter and how can one resist a chapers entitled "The corpse that "talked" or "How spying stopped Hitler's secret weapons".

Seven Underwater Wonders of the World by Rick Sammon An International panel of Marine scientists selected the seven underwater wonders of the world and the aptly named Sammon visits, explores and writes of his time spent at all seven wonders. The seven underwater wonders are The Belize Barrier Reef, Lake Baikal, The Northern Red Sea, The Galapagos Archipelago, The Great Barrier Reef, Deep Ocean Vents and Palau. The beautiful photography alone is reason enough to check this book out!

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