Thursday, November 12, 2009

Teen Writing Contest Results!

Thirty-nine Burbank teens “told a tale of terror” for our Teen Read Month Writing Contest, Oct. 1-31, and here are the results:

1st place: Camille de la Rosa, 8th grade, Saint Francis Xavier, for

2nd place: Jacqueline Gunning, 10th grade, Providence High School, for
"Halloween Story Contest"

3rd place: Reymond Tan, 12th grade, Bellarmine-Jefferson High School, for
"Simply Beautiful"

We also want to recognize three runners-up, in no particular order:

Sarah Hofstedt, 9th grade (no school listed), for “The Color of Her Nails”

Christine Trinidad, 11th grade, Bellarmine-Jefferson High School, for "Never Apart"

Tamar Tellado, 8th
grade, Saint Francis Xavier, for "Moonlight Arabesque"

And best titles go to: Matthew Neumann, 6th grade at Muir, for “The Mysterious Couch” and Jackie Kreger, 6th grade, for
“The Haunted Shirt.”

The winners and runners-up may come by the Central Library (110 N. Glenoaks) to pick up their prizes any time from Friday the 13th (tomorrow) on; and we also have a certificate for all participants, which can be picked up at the library branch where they submitted their stories.
The teen librarians would like to say that we greatly enjoyed reading ALL the stories—there were things to like about each of them—and to thank everyone for participating in the contest. Congratulations to all, and keep writing!

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