Saturday, November 21, 2009

What We're Reading - Basketball?

I 100% blame my recent run of late nights [4 out of the last 5] and limited sleep to The book of basketball : the NBA according to the Sports Guy by Bill Simmons. Simmons, known as The Sports Guy on ESPN has written a fat [700+ pages] book that dares to try and cover the entirety of NBA history from the 50's to date. Great chunks of the book are devoted to debating NBA MVP award winners [the deserved, the questionable and the ridiculous], daring to evaluate and rank the greatest seasons by teams and an extremely large chunk to a complete reworking and reevaluation of the Hall-of-Fame. I will admit when I initially thumbed through Simmons book this was the section that intrigued me and when I saw that he had a room devoted to bench and role players and found that both Michael Cooper and Kurt Rambis were included, well that hooked me in to checking the book out.

Honestly, I was only going to casually thumb and skim through the book. Then I began reading it and dog gone it, Simmons is addictively fun to read. He's informed, done his homework and can discuss any player or team from any season or era in detail with authority, insight and wit. If you have a teen who loves Pro Basketball, you might want to check this for appropriateness [Simmons can be a bit earthy in his writing] but this is a winning book, even when the author is showing his bias toward the Boston Celtics!

If you have a Pro Basketball fan on your gift giving list this holiday season, I think you now have a good gift to give.

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