Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cub Scouts Visit Burbank Central Library

Please read about a recent visit from the Webelos Cub Scouts.

Last week, our den of Webelos Cub Scouts visited the Burbank Central Library as part of our work on the Communicator Activity Badge. During our visit, we enjoyed a behind-the-scenes tour of the library, and learned how books, DVDs and music CDs are selected, purchased and added to the library's collection.

We were impressed with the diversity of the library's holdings, which include original Life magazines stretching into the last century as well as yearbooks from Burbank and Burroughs high schools that date to the early 1940s. The library also offers a unique program that provides books to those who are homebound.

We were extremely impressed with the visit and wish to thank Staff Librarian Cathleen Bowley for her assistance in arranging this special tour for our Cub Scouts.

Sherry Crosby
Webelos II Den Leader
Pack 225

At the library, I got to go in Employees Only rooms. I thought that was really neat. It was also neat when we went to the place where there were old magazines. There was one magazine called Atlantic Monthly from 1850. In that room there were bookcases that slid and if you stood in the middle of the bookcase when it was sliding, then you would get crushed.

- Sean

I had a good time at the library it was very fun. I liked the part with the moving bookshelf's and the old magazine's. I wish I could do it again some time.

- Matthew

It was fun to go to the library.
I liked when we went to the movies section.
And I also enjoyed the magazine section

- Giovanni

I liked the library tour we took last week. I found many books including a copy of Poor Richard's Almanac by Ben Franklin. I liked the moving file shelves, cataloging system, and seeing the offices. I enjoyed learning about the volunteer book bag program where books are delivered to people.

- Drew

The people that showed us around the library were very nice. The books are cool. I enjoyed the biographies and the secret room with all of the very old books.

- Christopher

My favorite part of the library tour was rotating the shelves. Another favorite part of the trip was looking at the old reference books. My last favorite part was scanning the books.

- Ben

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