Monday, January 25, 2010

What We're Reading: Time Out of Joint

I have had a blast (partial pun?) with my foray into classic sci-fi. I have just finished reading Time Out of Joint by Philip K. Dick. I was warned that he might prove to be "difficult", which is both arguable and fair. Still, the novel moves at a quick pace and is utterly fascinating. Something is amiss in this little fifties town, and it has shades of The Truman Show. That is probably giving away too much on its own, and I agonized over even mentioning it, but there is so much more here to unlock as character Ragle Gumm seeks to discover the secret of who he is and why he is tasked with the seemingly trivial project he does day in and day out. Of particular interest to me is the fact that I would consider Ragle to the be the main character, but he isn't even the first person introduced. A bold move, indeed.

I'll definitely be reading his other works as I have the time. Sadly, we only seem to have it in a collection entitled The Paranoid Fifties, which I have been reading. That's how I discovered the others I reviewed you know my secret!

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