Monday, March 29, 2010

Who do YOU think you are?

Have you been following the NBC series, "Who do you think you are," and felt the itch to start your own ancestor search? The American series produced by Lisa Kudrow is based on the british show of the same name that has been a big hit on the BBC since 2004. Thanks to the Internet, searching for your ancestors is much more accessible than it used to be. Now, instead of spending hours squinting at microfilm or in dusty archives, you can research your roots quite comfortably at home in your pajamas. But where to start?

Budding family historians may still need some guidance for taking that first step on their quest. An excellent starting point is the annual Genealogy Jamboree hosted by the Southern California Genealogical Society. It's held annually at the Burbank Airport Marriott. Registration is now open for the event which will be held June 11-13. Visit their website for all the details.

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