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Burbank Library Volunteers Honored

Burbank Library Volunteers Honored
BurbankNBeyond: May 24, 2010

Volunteers who donate their time at the Burbank Public Library were honored at a special appreciation luncheon on May 21.

A total of 75 volunteers, ranging in age from teenagers to senior citizens, were thanked for their contributions to the city’s libraries at the luncheon, which was held at the Buena Vista Library.

Library Services Director Sharon Cohen spoke to the gathering about the benefits the volunteers give to the library. She noted that if the time the volunteers contribute was paid time, it would add up to about 3 per cent of the library’s yearly budget.

“This year’s volunteers have worked nearly 8,000 hours,” said Cohen, “That has saved the City of Burbank well over $150,000.”

Retired schoolteacher Jane Mulder, who has been a volunteer for the past 30 years, had the most volunteer hours. This year she put in 1,018 hours. Mulder received some good natured kidding from Director Cohen, who suggested she had been “slacking off” this year, since Mulder had put in 1,058 hours last year. Doreen O’Donohoe received the Jane Mulder Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service.

The luncheon included remarks from Mayor Anja Reinke and Deputy City Manager Joy Forbes. Jody Hidey delivered the welcoming and closing remarks. Special thanks were extended to the Friends of the Burbank Public Library and luncheon committee members Cathleen Bowley, Joan Cappocchi, Elizabeth Joyce, Louise Paziak, Erin Pawluc, and Patrice Samko.

Each Volunteer also received a small gift, a clock with the Luncheon’s Theme: “Volunteers Take Time to Care.” Each Volunteer was also honored with a Book Plate in a new library book of their choice.

Presenting the awards were Mayor Anja Reinke, Councilman Dr. David Gordon and Library Services Director Sharon Cohen.

Thank You to BurbankNBeyond 's Executive Editor, Craig Sherwood for allowing Burbank Library to repost the story. Photos By Steven J. Lynch: See more photos from the event here.

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