Monday, June 07, 2010

Picture books worth sharing.

As a former Children's Librarian, I admit to enjoying thumbing my way through a great picture book
every now and then. Recently I had the chance to enjoy these two picture books that, while not new to the library's shelves, have been so popular that we have just added new copies for all of us to enjoy. If you have preschoolers who need a good storytime selection or are just someone who enjoys all of the charm that a great rhyming text and perfectly matching illustrations can give, I have a wonderful pair of books for you to check out!

The Seals on the Bus (by Lenny Hort; illustrated by G. Brian Karas) is a fun variation on the well-known children's song, "The Wheels on the Bus." In this case, along with the delighted children and their less enthusiastic parents on the bus, we first learn that the Seals on the bus go "errp errp errp" and from there the fun continues with monkeys, snakes and more, until the Skunks on the bus go....well, the end isn't pretty [but it is funny], and it ensures a fun time for any who share this book at bedtime!
Wiggle (by Doreen Cronin; illustrated by Scott Menchin) is a story every parent needs--we all know that toddlers have plenty of wiggles inside. After enjoying this tale with its delightfully squirmy dog, who goes from "Do you wake up with a wiggle? Do you wiggle out of bed?" through many wiggly rhymes all the way up to bedtime, perhaps your little one will have fewer wiggles left! If the wiggles remain, at least everyone will have wiggled their way through a sure-fire storytime pleaser of a book!

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