Friday, July 09, 2010

What We're Reading - Buy Back by Brian M. Wiprud.

Last year, Brian M. Wiprud introduced me to Feelers, and "tight ones," in his criminally fun world of New York City. But one entertaining book doesn't necessarily make me a fan, so when I picked up Wiprud's latest book, Buy Back, it was with the hope of finding another fast-paced, amusing read.

My verdict is that Wiprud is the real deal. Wicked characters, twisty plots, and a great sense of place (Brooklyn New York) make this writer worth seeking out. This time around, we're dealing with "goodies" and "goofballs," within the rather shady practice of museum art thievery and recovery. Toss in a love-struck hitman, a few mafiosi, and a barber who might be as happy to cut your throat as your hair, and you have some fun reading ahead of you.

W is for Wiprud and also for wicked, warped and wonderful writing. Wiprud is now on my must-read author list!

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