Wednesday, July 07, 2010

What We're Reading - Seven Dirty Words by James Sullivan.

Seven Dirty Words: The Life and Crimes of George Carlin by James Sullivan.
792.76, owned by Central, Buena Vista and Northwest Libraries

In this biography, we find out that George Carlin never fit in, from parochial school to the air force to his career as a comedian. He was too young for the "borscht belt" comedians of the '50s and too old for the “dirty comics” of the '70s and '80s. He entertained us for more than 50 years, much of that time apparently in a drug-induced haze.

George had his seven dirty words. And the broadcast of his routine on the radio at 2:00 in the afternoon caused such legal havoc that it finally ended up going to the Supreme Court and resulting in the establishment of FCC decency rules.

As a small child, I remember watching George and thinking he was funny. He appeared numerous times on television shows hosted by Ed Sullivan, Jack Paar, Johnny Carson, Mike Douglas, The Smothers Brothers and The Midnight Special--way before all the HBO specials. I was too young to understand his innuendos, but as I grew, I got to know and appreciate his humor. This book is a trip down memory lane, and also an insight into what made this man tick.

Thanks to Chris for the review!

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