Thursday, September 02, 2010

"Great Courses" - a DVD and CD spotlight.

Your Burbank Public Library has a great variety of listening and viewing pleasures to offer. Listening to Michael Connelly while I drive or sitting on the sofa viewing Avatar are pleasurable experiences; but sometimes I get the urge to view or listen to something with a bit more substance, like some of the titles from The Great Courses series. We've recently added a number of interesting subjects for you to explore: Classical Mythology, Statistics, "How to read a book," Music, Math, Science, History, and more.

The Great Courses are college-level explorations by some of the top university professors in their fields. I've made my way through The Great Presidents, and Abraham Lincoln in his own words; I am looking forward to experiencing Classical Mythology (Part One done, need to do Part Two!). These are in-depth and, yes, challenging, topics, but definitely worth your time. You can simultaneously learn and be entertained and the best thing is, no midterm exams to take or papers to write! This is called lifelong learning at your Burbank Public Library!

For more details about The Great Courses, visit their website.

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