Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Teen Titles

Under "old book, new reader"...sometimes there's a title out there that you've been meaning to read ever since it came out, or someone tells you about a book they just discovered in the stacks that you really should add to your list, or you're desperately searching for new material to suggest to the middle school book's a synopsis of one of those, from Anarda Williams, teen librarian at Buena Vista branch:

Boyproof, by Cecil Castellucci

Boy Proof follows "Egg" (otherwise known as Victoria to her divorced, Hollywood-connected parents) through her last semester at Melrose Prep in West Hollywood, where she discovers that naming herself and modeling her looks and behavior after her favorite character in a Sci-Fi cult film may not ultimately make her happy. She thinks she enjoys her loner status, shaving her head and swirling her costume cape around her in order to keep all--especially boys--at bay. She immerses herself in her prime interests--graphic novels, science fiction films, and makeup prosthetics for the film industry--and ignores or avoids all the usual vicissitudes of high school. But when a new boy enrolls in her school, better informed and more literate than she, and a superb graphic artist as well as a dedicated do-gooder, he makes her question her values, her presumptions, her prejudices, and her desire to stay apart from those who would be her friends. We have all known an "Egg"; now we can learn more about what makes her tick.

Castellucci, herself a girl prone to interesting hair colors and body art, is also the author of The Queen of Cool, Beige, the two graphic novels The Plain Janes and Janes in Love, and a co-editor with Holly Black of Geektastic: Stories from the Nerd Herd, which appears on this year's ballot for Teens' Top Ten books of the year. (See blog post below for where to vote.) Her latest book is Rose Sees Red, coming soon to Burbank Public Library. Learn more about Miss Cecil at

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