Thursday, September 09, 2010

What We're Reading - Thirteen Hours.

Earlier this year, the country of South Africa put on its best face for the world when it hosted the World Cup soccer tournament. If you were intrigued and enchanted by the atmosphere on display, and if you love great suspenseful crime fiction, then I highly recommend Thirteen Hours,the new novel by Deon Meyer, for a view of a country undergoing social change at all levels, including how it will be policed.

Detective Inspector Benny Griessel, last seen in Devil's Peak, is having a difficult day. Separated from his wife and trying to maintain sobriety, Benny finds himself shunted to the side, given a role as trainer of new detectives, when not one but two high-profile cases are dumped in his lap. One is the murder of a well known music producer, the second is the murder of a young American tourist. Both cases are complicated by political pressures from outside the department, by ethnic distrust, by the lingering effects of Apartheid and even more so by the search for the American girl's missing friend, who is on the run for her life.

Great characters and suspenseful, twisty plots mean that Meyer, as always, delivers another page-turning read, while he flavors his writing with revealing details about the complex changes occurring in South Africa.

If you've not read Deon Meyer, and you enjoy crime fiction [fans of Michael Connelly take notice], you need to read this book, plus his five previous novels. I envy you because I have to wait until next year to read another of his books!

Visit Deon Meyer's website here for more information about the author and his crime fiction.

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