Friday, November 12, 2010

The Mystery is Solved!

Our Teen Read Week writing contest is over, and the winners have been determined! The rules of the contest were to write a mystery (two to five pages long) set in Burbank. The writers of note are:

First Place: "Simple" by Amanda Porreca

Second Place: "The Coffee House Murder" by
Allen Alvarado

Third Place: "Nobody in Burbank" by Lauren Yu

Our two runners-up, deserving of Honorable Mention, are:

"Truth in the Ink" by Molly Buffington

"The Murder of James T. Jones" by Paul Zappia

Prizes for the three winners and two runners-up may be retrieved by calling 818 238-5589 and making arrangements for pick-up. Also, our plan is that the three winning stories will be read on video by their authors and posted to our library blog, so look out for those!

CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED. The fact that you wrote and submitted a story, whether you won or not, is exemplary. We also want to note that there were several excellent stories that were disqualified because they were horror, rather than mystery, stories, so they didn't meet the criteria--but they were good stories! Bravo to you all for submitting your creative ideas. We enjoyed reading them!

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