Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Favorite Reads of 2010: 61 Hours

It's that time of year again--your friendly neighborhood librarians are eager to tell you about their favorite reads of 2010. Here is Patrice S. with a review:

If you’re looking for a high-octane thriller, author Lee Child always delivers. My favorite book of 2010 is the 14th "Jack Reacher" novel, titled 61 Hours. Reacher, a roving ex-military cop, hitches a ride with a busload of elderly tourists on their way to Mount Rushmore. When the bus hits a patch of ice and skids off the road in the middle of a blizzard, Reacher and the seniors are stranded in the small town of Bolton, South Dakota. Soon Reacher finds himself dealing with a hired assassin, a prison breakout, a mob of biker thugs, a secret government installation, and a witness who needs protection from a murderous drug lord from Mexico. As always, Lee Child’s writing is superb and the story is guaranteed to keep you reading into the wee hours. If you want to start reading the Jack Reacher books in order, the first one in the series is Killing Floor. The latest in the series, Worth Dying For, was published in October, and I just started reading it. I expect I’ll be up past my bedtime again…

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