Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Favorite Reads of 2010: Once A Spy

It's that time of year again--your friendly neighborhood librarians are eager to tell you about their favorite reads of 2010. Here is Laura B. with a review:

What if you were a down-on-your-luck gambler whose Russian creditors are after you? What if your retired appliance salesman dad, who is showing signs of Alzheimer’s, was really once a spy--and you never knew it? What if the CIA is afraid the old spy with the now-addled brain has become a liability – and you don’t know why?

If you are Charlie Clark and his father, Drummond, in Once A Spy, by Keith Thomson, you are now running for your lives in an adrenaline-fueled flight to evade assassins while trying to find out why you are being targeted. Join them on the ride filled with plot twists and surprising events, interspersed with hilarious situations and offbeat dialogue. There are also poignant themes of love and redemption as moments of lucidity for Drummond make the past clearer to Charlie. The once-distant father and son must now band together if they are to survive.

This is a great, fast-paced thriller sure to leave you wanting more.

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