Saturday, January 08, 2011

Favorite Reads of 2011: The Hunger Games, The Help

It's that time of year again--your friendly neighborhood librarians are eager to tell you about their favorite reads of 2010. Here is Catherine W. with a review:

I loved the Hunger Games series (The Hunger Games / Catching Fire / Mockingjay) by Suzanne Collins, in which the last book, Mockingjay, came out in 2010. Katniss is a strong female character. Her fight to save her sister and then herself is gripping. It's a hard series to explain to people, because it sounds so weird to say you love books about teenagers fighting to the death while being televised for people's entertainment, but what can I say? They're really great books!

The Help, by Kathryn Stockett, was one of my favorite listens of 2010. It is read by three women, one for each main character--Skeeter, Minny and Aibileen. I never wanted the book to end. Listening to a book on CD can be addictive. It brings the book to life. It is like a movie without the picture. You create the picture yourself.

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