Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What are you grateful for?

Everyone has something to be thankful for. Have you taken a moment lately to consider all the things in your life -- whether large or small--for which you are most grateful? To get you started, try reading ON GRATITUDE, a quirky collection of interviews with celebrities from the worlds of entertainment, literature, sports, and religion.

Bestselling author Brad Meltzer is most grateful for his library card. Ringo Starr is thankful for good mates, the boys in the band. Anne Rice thanks her stepmother for buying her first typewriter. Morgan Freeman admits to being a little starstruck. He still feels the joy and privilege of being able to meet and work with movie giants like Clint Eastwood and Robert Redford.

These and 47 other celebrities opened their hearts to journalist Todd Jensen who compiled this amazing book. Todd is a homegrown Burbanker, having gone through Burbank schools and graduated from John Burroughs High School. He returned to the Buena Vista Branch Library --his neighborhood library while growing up--to talk about ON GRATITUDE. Sitting in the packed room were former teachers, former classmates, and people who watched him grow up, including his fourth grade teacher Dorie Beaumont (at left) who is currently a Library Board member.

When I picked up this book, I made the mistake of reading it in bed. As the clock ticked closer to the wee small hours, I couldn't put the book down -- just one more chapter, just one more. And next thing I knew, it was 2 AM!

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