Tuesday, February 01, 2011

An Amish Christmas by Cynthia Keller

An Amish Christmas, by Cynthia Keller, is the story of a successful Charlotte, North Carolina family that endures financial ruin after James Hobart, the husband and father, first loses his job and then makes unwise investments. The two older spoiled and uncooperative children of the family, Lizzie and Will, are devastated by the misfortune; the youngest child is frightened, but he's loving and accepting. The family packs whatever they can fit in the only car left that is paid off, and head to upstate New York to live with Meg Hobart's (mother and wife) austere parents, where James will be working for the family business. By a turn of fate, the family has a car accident, and a kind Amish family gives them shelter until their car is repaired. The time spent with the Amish family is an awakening for the Hobarts. They learn the importance of respect for elders, hard work, and spending time in relaxation and laughter with the family members.

I enjoyed reading this book since the story seemed very real. We can relate to the ordeal of Hobarts: losing a job, spoiled teenagers, no savings for the future of the family. Seeing how the Amish families interact with each other teaches valuable morale to the Hobarts and to the reader.

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