Monday, February 14, 2011

Author Brian Jacques dies.

I was very sad to learn this morning of the passing at age 71 of author Brian Jacques. He died on February 5 after undergoing emergency heart surgery.

Over the years I have read a number of his "Redwall" series of adventure/fantasy books and was an early champion of his work for purchase for our collection. While his target audience was middle school-age children, I believed that he just wrote exciting and entertaining stories. Full of adventure, good vs. evil, many twists and quests with riddles and puzzles for the heroes to solve along their way.
I also had the good fortune years ago to attend a book signing of his, and he was wonderfully entertaining and engaging in his conversation with his young readers. What I will always remember is Jacques telling how he based the dialects and speech patterns of various animal characters after various people he had met during his years of work as a delivery driver. Wonderfully fun to hear his imitations of the people that he used in his writing.
So if you like a good adventure/fantasy/quest type story, no matter your age, do read Brian Jacques, and when you are trying to comprehend what the moles are saying, smile and remember that somewhere in Great Britain, someone is actually speaking in that manner!

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