Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Burbank Public Library Amateur Photography Contest

Burbank Public Library focuses on Amateur Photography Contest Winners
Examiner.com: 2.19.11 by Christine Zeiger

When it comes to photography, there is a bit of mystery involved. How is it that our eyes can see one thing, yet the image captured by a camera is often quite different?

Professional photographers often ponder questions about the subject of photography for long hours. Numerous periodicals, books, classes, and Internet websites, such as photo.net, open up an entire arena of knowledge, thought and possibilities. And as new technology is made available, the world of photographic images can almost seem boundless.

Yet the amateur photographer, in all his innocence, on occasion, and perhaps unwittingly, encapsulates life itself in one simple image.

For the past several years, the Friends of the Burbank Public Library have sponsored a photography contest to bring light to the talent of some such amateurs.

On Thursday, February 24, the winners of this year’s contest will be announced at a reception at the Buena Vista Branch Library. Since the actual photographs will be on exhibit at the Burbank Central Library, the reception will include a slide show of the winning entries. The photographic exhibit will be open to the public from February 25 through April 13, 2011. READ MORE !

Girl Over L.A. Wins!
Jaime Perez won the Best in Show award at the Friends of the BPL Photo Contest

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