Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Brown Bag Book Club will next read...

The Brown Bag Book Club will be reading The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton for its April 19th meeting at noon at the Central Library.

Pick up a copy, read, enjoy, bring a lunch and join the club for a fun hour of food and talk.

Here is a preview from our catalog--perhaps it will entice you to read the book and join the Brown Bag Book Club:

A four-year-old is found abandoned on a dock in 1913 Australia. The port master and his wife take in the little mystery girl and raise her as their own child, calling her Nell. After her adoptive father passes away, leaving her a tiny trunk and a book of fairy tales, flashes of memory return to Nell, in particular that of the mysterious woman known to her as The Authoress. She returns to England to search for her true identity, but Nell's long quest is not completed until after her death, when her granddaughter Cassandra starts to uncover the dark secrets of the aristocratic Mountrachet family in Cornwall.

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